Oil-related aviation aircraft series



The Oil-related aviation aircraft series SM / CF 10W40, subtropical special synthetic engine oil for automobiles car, environmentally friendly car with almost zero carbon oil.

1.      SM / CF 10W40  , 

2.  SM / CF 5W40  ,

3.  SM / CF 5W50  ,

Because zero-carbon environmental protection From ours of the oil film is powerful engine Drugs and Drug Dependent Ma Lixin reply heat 240 , C-D-Yen into a powerful film 1L your home Moto-cycle , or with Automobile vehicles used for more than three years, While add synthetic oil strong film,

add an instance: add the oil film strength synthetic motor oil in the Moto-cycle engine 3 seconds, immediately felt a strong engine, exhaust pipe immediately eliminate white smoke, fuel-efficient, powerful constant, silent ,cause zero carbon not aging  to happen.



Refer to page http://cdenito.net/ powerful film about even if the old oil is exposed, its oily immortal, can also use the car lighter shaft lubrication becomes silent.